We design and produce experiences where people are invited to co-create stories and expand their senses through immersion.

We work with strong creative direction. Each project is creatively directed combining visual, lighting and sound stimuli to generate high-impact staging.

Our approach is based on constant experimentation to generate an emotional connection in shared spaces. We believe that experiencing artistic-technological experiences allows people to learn new languages, providing individual and collective development.

We create interactive immersive activations, digital sets for large shows, and advertising.

Immersive experiences

Immersive experiences take us beyond the limits of conventional space, transforming it into alternative realities that weave unique dynamic narratives in time and space. Inspiring and enveloping us, they expand our vision in all directions. A deep connection between reality and fiction within the same landscape invites us to emotionally connect.


Interactive experiences challenge us. They encourage active participation, sharpening our senses and awakening curiosity. By introducing ourselves as an essential part of the work, the limits between artistic creation and those who participate in it dissipate, generating alterations of images and sounds in real time.


The installations invite us to redefine our perception of space, where various stimuli transport us on a metaphorical journey through playful narratives. The synchronisation between images, lights and sound effects allows us to immerse ourselves in an imaginary landscape created with digital and corporeal tools.

Digital scenography

Digital scenography and staging intertwine to give shape and life to dynamic artistic landscapes. This fusion links the tangible with the digital in motion, generating a multisensory and symbolic spectacle that transmits the concept of the work.


The illusion of 3D mapping challenges our perceptions. Static surfaces transform into dynamic canvases that come to life to tell us stories and generate powerful memories.


Visual and sound effects, together with technological innovation, drive the conceptual narrative to create inspiring multisensory atmospheres which activating our emotional energies and collective connection.


The performances fuse visual elements, lights, music, sounds and various live body languages. This multisensory interconnection immerses us in an artistic experience marked by continuous movement and great scenic force.


Digital art in real time is an expression of audiovisual language. Live visuals synchronised with music take us on a stimulating multisensory journey.

Augmented Realityalidad

Digital layers are added to physical reality, transforming the limits of conventional perception using technology. The fusion between the tangible and the virtual inspires and stimulates us to live a creative and interactive experience.


City corners become dynamic canvases, the magic of 3D transforming our perception. These visual effects redefine urban spaces, inviting us to interact with brands and offer a realistic vision of great impact.

artistic exhibition

Our own works of art explore space to create digital landscapes that allow us to authentically express our passion for artistic experimentation and technology.


3D digital universes challenge the boundaries of tangible space, inviting our minds to navigate between illusion and immersion through active participation in the art itself.